Guide to start a Blog with Zero Experience

Guide to starting a Blog with Zero Experience


start a Blog, If you have heard your friends talking about blogging, how they upload posts on their blog and do a living with it.

Let's go through a process where you could learn blogging without even knowing what is blogging.

Choosing a platform for Writing; start a Blog

There are not only a few places where you can share your content. You could open a listing blog, a stories blog and a normal blog.

I am mainly targeting bloggers and WordPress. Because they are mostly used. 

You can create these blogs within a few minutes. You have to choose a blog name, Domain name and name that need to appear to the user.

Domain Name would be simple, which is the blogger's default. 

In WordPress, you have to buy a new domain and Hosting and then connect them together. Once you have connected hosting and domain. 

Then install WordPress from your Hosting Plan's CPanel.

You don't need Hosting in Blogger. Google hosts blogger itself, but WordPress is not a part of Google. Just buy a domain and connect it.

Theme to start a blog

start a Blog, When you create a blog on any platform there is always a default theme. These default themes are easy to manage and faster to load than custom added themes.

The reason people don't use these Default themes is because of the lack of design and layout features.

You can download other themes from the free store. But they all are the same. 

The blog category also matters when it comes to choosing a theme. There are themes for food, new, jobs, etc, and they all are different in layout.

You can buy a theme for a few dollars and use them on your Blog's theme. 

WordPress has a good collection of themes. There are some famous high-quality themes that are both free and premium. Some famous WordPress themes have different plans for users. 

The more you pay the more services you get. 


I wrote a whole article on domains you can check it out here.

Buying a domain as a beginner could be not easy. you have to buy and connect a domain to your domain blog. 

You can watch a YouTube tutorial for practical help. Connect a domain is the same for every domain Registrar. 

Choose a domain name with some relation to your work, It could also be your name if you don't like other names.

The domain can only have Dashes as a special character. You can't add any other special character other than this.

Changing the Layout of the theme

Every theme has a different layout. Depending on your category you can adjust it to make users surf your whole blog.

You should change your Blog's layout and make it easier to use, and activate lightweight themes.

Remove unnecessary Plugins and widgets that appear on your home page and blog pages.

Creating Pages and Forms

Now you need to create pages to make your site easy for a reader to contact you. 

You can write these pages down. You can add a few 100 words and it would work out. 

Contact Us page should be a form. Which a user has to fill and his contact information would be sent to you. These pages could be made in Google forms.

The other pages for the blog could be made manually. You can write a short note about yourself in about us. 

Add a disclaimer based on your content's target. Also, add a page about your Blog and your terms and conditions. You can add these pages and publish them in public.

In WordPress, you can do the same. Remember there are also Plugins in WordPress which can be used to ease up your work.

Install all these forms with just a plugin. You can check out another article on Plugins. 

Setting to start a blog

Set your blog by going to set. Change date and time. Add Sitemap to your site to start a blog with a map.

You can do all of these in your settings. The setting in blogger is easy but in WordPress, you can create a Sitemap or any other things with your SEO Plugins. But all other settings could be done only with the setting in default.

Change your settings and make it appropriate for a reader. Don't make your figure awkward in front of people.

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