Top 5 Creative Ideas to Write on as a Beginner

Top 5 Ideas to Write on as a Beginner


Top 5 Ideas to Write on as a Beginner, Blogging is hard if you don't have any talent. And even if you have some kind of skill. There are some ideas that I can share with you.

The Blog could be your work-related, Fun Time or Helping Blog. Let's Write about one of these ideas. let's go to the list and see the top 5 categories you can write on.

Writing about your current or Old Job

If you do or used to have a job then you can write about it. You can write about what you used to do there, and how could it help people in future.

If you work right now from morning to evening. You can tell people about your terrible experience with your job and how can they save their time with your guidance.

Take an example of a car Mechanic. You can tell people about how to repair every single part of the car. And when to worry when your car is not working.

Movie And Gaming Blog

Top 5 Ideas to Write on as a Beginner, Everyone loves watching movies and playing video games. You might be one of those people. 

Why don't we use this free time writing about this movie and gaming stuff? 

You can write about video games. You can teach people to play video games, Installation of video games, Walkthrough, News and Updates and Funny Commentary Blogs. 

People really like writing about games. As an experienced person, I also write about games in different genres. People really love reading about these games.

You can choose one subcategory and start writing on it. 

Food Blog

Top 5 Ideas to Write on as a Beginner, I don't even want to ask if people love food or not because it's stupid. Not only people every living being does like eating delicious food. 

What you can make do with food is you can start a blog on food. You can start teaching people how to cook your cultural food.

People would definitely like to eat different food from different areas of the world.

You can also open a website where you can sell food. You can deliver the food to people around your city. It is quite difficult to start and manage the whole thing.

You need quite a lot of money to open your business and once you do have enough money it would be hard to manage chefs, delivery and orders as a Beginner. 

And there is one last option that can help you start a food blog is "Food Reviews". 

Food Reviews Blog is not expensive. You just have to pay for the food and write an honest review. Write what comes to your mind if the food touches your tongue.

Travel Blog

Top 5 Ideas to Write on as a Beginner, You have seen some Youtubers travelling to different corners of the world just to enjoy and show their Audience the beauty of this world.

There are not many travel blogs but if you are thinking of openings a blog based on areas around your country. Then follow me to know more.

To create a Travel blog you first need a camera, transport and enough knowledge to travel around.

You can write about every event happening to you throughout the day or once a week. Some Travel Bloggers also write about what happened to them when they were on the way. 

If you want to start a blog by writing every day then you have to give at least 3 hours a day to writing and write about how was your day.

Learning Blog; Top 5 Ideas to Write on as a Beginner

If you have free time then what you could do is teach people with your blog.

You could target kids or adults for separate subjects. If you have enough knowledge to teach adults about computer languages or Speaking languages. Then you should go for it.

You could teach kids English, History, Geography or any other basic subjects.

This was it. The Top 5 Blog Ideas to write on as a beginner.

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