5 Mistakes a Newbie Blogger Makes To Become Pro

5 Mistakes a Newbie Blogger Does to Become a Pro Blogger


Become a Pro Blogger, If you are starting a blog, you might probably be rushing to get the Audience on your blog. Just because of that reason you are making a lot of mistakes in an instant. 

Here is what you can do to be aware of these mistakes and improve your knowledge and experience.

1, Choosing a Free Domain

Now a new Blogger tries to find a way to get a domain for free. I also tried in past to get a free domain, and just because of that reason you might regret your decision later.

First of all, a free domain is not powerful, and even if you use a Free domain your site can't handle more than a few hundred users at a time.

You could register a free domain on many websites. The free domains are not top-level domains. Here is the list of free domains
  • .TK
  • .ML
  • .GA
  • .GQ
  • .CF
These are some of the domains that are free to any user or any account. 

You should buy a domain with a few dollars. If you don't have that money right now you could save up your pocket money and buy a domain for 10$ dollars a year. 

If you are thinking to build a site on WordPress then buy a hosting plan for 30-50$ a year and get a free domain with your hosting plan.

2, Choosing a Bad Hosting

Hosting does have a lot of impact on users' experience in your blog. The storage of hosting matters, how much a hosting can load when users surf on your blog is all dependent on the hosting provider and hosting plan.

If you are using Blogger by Google, then you don't really need a hosting plan. Google is hosting your blog on Blogger, and a blogger can handle more than 1 million traffic a month. 

When it comes to hosting there are also free hosting Registrars. You don't need to register it, it barely can handle a few users. 

You should register a hosting plan from good hosting and Domain Registrars.

Here is the list of hosting Registrars you should buy your hosting from.

  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger
  • DreamHost
  • BlueHost
  • Porkbun
  • GoDaddy
  • HostPapa

Register your good hosting and Domain. And open a high-quality blog.

3, Mistakes in Writing avoid Become a Pro Blogger

By mistakes in writing, I am reminding new users about their lack of effort. 

As a beginner, I still remember writing without any headings and not choosing specific keywords for articles.

The Headings in a Blog post make the post look professional and more attractive to read.

Just like this, you should also make a paragraph of about 50 words. It makes Readers think of your post as small but larger at the same time.

Now if you are going to write an article for your blog. Then it must be aimed at a topic. Without a topic, there will be a mess. You can't write about a movie and a tourist place in the same article. 

Everypost has a specific targeted keyword. You have to write a post on it. But also remember that if you are going to write a post on a keyword that has already high competition then that keyword is not going to rank your post.

Choose a keyword that has very less competition and high volume.

Check this article related to Keyword Research.

4, Using Plagiarised Content

There are also people who steal others' content But also don't help them.

People copy-paste text from some random website and paste it to their blog. As result, their website doesn't rank and they get hate for using others' content.

5, Lack of Off-Page SEO and Become a Pro Blogger

People don't really focus on anything other than what's inside their blog.

If you write a few thousand words articles and publish them. There are very low chances of it ranking in a high position.

A post must also have some power to beat the other results related to it. 

To rank a post in a high Position, you need to create Backlinks. Backlinks will help you rank your blog post in a higher position. 

The more there are Backlinks the more you would run further from your competitors.

If a post has a sufficient amount of words and more Backlinks than its competitors. Surely it is going to rank. 

Also ranking matters on your targeted keyword. Choose a good keyword with less Competition and it would go like high like a rocket in the sky.

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