Best Plugins for WordPress Website Optimization

Best Plugins for WordPress Blog:


Best Plugins for WordPress, You write on a blog to reach your audience. If your blog doesn't have professional looks and widgets that barely any people would come to your blog.

To write your content easily you need Plugins. Every Job in WordPress has separate Plugins. You have Plugins for SEO, Plugins for Errors and Plugins for connecting your site with Google.

Let's see what type of Plugins could be best for you and how every plugin works.

Yoast SEO #1 Best Plugins for WordPress

Best Plugins for WordPress, Yoast plugin is Undoubtedly one of the oldest SEO Plugins. It has now become a common need for every blogger. 

Yoast precisely shows a user what mistakes are they doing in their article and how can they fix them within a few clicks.

Yoast SEO Plugin is free to use and barely takes enough space from hosting storage. 

To correct your mistakes with Yoast Plugin. You have to drag yourself down and read the mistakes in your article and improve it.

Sometimes Yoast SEO shows an eye option inside of a line. You can just touch it and it will take you to the point where you have done mistakes in your sentence.

To perfectly score 100% in SEO you need to clear the points and make the emoji in the top smile. 

Also, The Readability needs to be clear. then your SEO will be better and accurate. Readability does matter in SEO.

Site Kit by Google 

Site Kit is a plugin by Google which directs you to mostly all the platforms connecting with Google.

You can head to the Google search console or Google analytics with this plugin. You have to click on the separate option and it will redirect to your account.

This site Kit plugin is easy to install and use. Search Google or site Kit on the WordPress plugin store. 

Then install Site Kit and Activate it. After activating connect your Google account with this plugin. 

The other benefit of this Plugin is you don't have to put the code in Html. If you are signed in to some other Platform of Google. This plugin automatically verifies those codes, and lets the user go through them without trouble.

WP Forms

A new blog is empty it doesn't have any pages, posts or widgets. You have to manually create those forms. 

It takes quite a lot of time to install and implement the forms into the blog. You can install all these forms with this plugin.

Normally install it as you do install any other plugin. Activate it

You can choose any page you want to appear in your blog. You can add about us, contact us, terms and conditions, disclaimer, etc.

This plugin is very small and won't affect your loading speed in WordPress.


I recently mentioned this WordPress plugin, And it still is the best.

You can easily clear the website cache and refresh the page. Refreshing the page makes the page appear new. It also shows errors and changes on the page.

So this theme does refresh all the pages with one single click. You can also clear the cache of a single page.

The other benefit you get from this Plugin is image Optimization. This plugin Optimizes the image quality to load pages faster. luckily this also happens to be with only one click and All hundreds and thousands of images compress.

This plugin is one for all. With all its benefits they can be used with a single click. 

Loginizer the Best Plugins for WordPress

Loginizer is a plugin that is used to enhance your WordPress security.

If a person tries to break into your WordPress. This Plugin locks your WordPress blog and Don't let people let in for some time.

Even if you are entering a wrong password.

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