How to Buy Domain and Best Domain Registrars

How to Buy Domain and Best Domain Registrars


How to Buy Domain, To make your site powerful and have an attractive extension name. You need a domain, Domain shows the extension name of your Blog or Website.

If you create a blog on Blogger for the first time. You have a default Domain. It directly refers to Blogger. 

The default domain doesn't look quite that good. You can't get rid of the Blogspot name after your domain name. 

Let's see how you can choose a domain name, buy a domain and where should you register it from?

Best Domain Registrars: How to Buy Domain

Here is the List of Domain Registrars that you can choose to buy your chosen domain name.

List of My Top 10
  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger
  • Blue Host
  • Google Domains
  • Dream Host
  • Porkbun
  • GoDaddy
  • Enom
  • Dynadot
These are my favourite domain Registrars. You might not like some of these but overall they are one of the best you could find online. 

Namecheap is personally the best for me. I am using it to buy hosting, domain and other services at a cheap price. Just like its name you can register a domain name for under 10$ for a year

Just like cheap names other domain services are also quite good. You can choose whatever you want domain Registrars.

Choosing Domain Name: How to Buy Domain

Choosing a domain name is also a serious job. When you are going to buy a domain you need to focus on the subcategory of your main Category. 

If you are writing on TV Shows you should buy a domain with a genre. You could also Target a specific Series category. 

But if you don't like adding those categories' names to your domain name. Then you should add your name to the domain or anything specific. 

Here is an example.

What to do when the Domain Name is not available?

There are times when a domain is preoccupied. That's because either you are choosing your domain name that is already not unique or you are choosing a domain that has been registered many years ago. 

You should go for a different name or try to find a domain with an alternative word with the same meaning. 

Buying Domain

Let's take a guide to buy a domain name. Let's choose Namecheap as our tutorial website to buy a domain. 

First, you need to do is sign up with your Google account and verify your email address.

Start with adding your domain name in the find domain option. Search with your chosen name.

When you find your domain name add it to your cart. You could choose any high level domain such as (.com, .xyz, .net, .org, .info, etc) 

After choosing a domain you need to head to the cart and checkout the domain transaction. 

You can add a promo code for your offer or just directly skip that option and continue to the payment section.

Now you have to choose Debit card/Credit Card, PayPal or Accounts Funds as your payment option.

PayPal is not available in my country, so I choose Credit Card as my payment method and pay for the domain.

Once You are done buying the domain. Your domain will be registered with your account and will be available in your domains section. 

Buying Domain with Mobile Wallets

How to Buy Domain, There are also people underage. So they don't have access to their parent's bank accounts. 

And Also in Countries like Pakistan, we don't have PayPal or any other international mobile wallet. Instead, we have mobile wallets which can use within the range of the country.

JazzCash and EasyPaisa are well known mobile Wallets in Pakistan. You could buy anything with it and transfer this money into any bank account. 

But also Namecheap, GoDaddy or any other domain Registrars Don't accept JazzCash or EasyPaisa.

You can buy domains with websites that give you domains within the country.  You can use Prohosty, HosterPK or any other website. You can directly pay through the website or contact admins.


You should buy a domain when you think you could run a blog. If you have a friend or family member who could manage your blog together with you. Then Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Managing a blog alone is quite a handy job. Always say yes to help. There are also time when you need to share your stress with someone who could touch your feelings. 

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