How to Optimize SEO on Blogger with a Mobile

How to Optimize SEO on Blogger in Mobile


Optimize SEO in Mobile, If you are writing online on any platform. You need to rank it to make it visible to users. It can't just rank Automatically everywhere. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is used to rank an article, Video or any post. 

People normally rank their posts and Optimize their content on Google with a Laptop and Computer. Let's see how you can rank posts with a Mobile.

Requirements for ranking a Post; Optimize SEO in Mobile

  • Keyword Placement
  • Meta Description
  • Headings
  • Image Optimization
  • Minimum 300 Words Per Post
  • Readability Easy for a Human
  • Title Under 65 Words
  • Keywords in 30-40% of Headings
  • Keyword in Permalink

Using Simple Method to Optimize SEO in Mobile

If You are going to rank your post with Mobile you should rank with this method. It is an easy and Universal method for ranking a post. 

Search for a Perfect Keyword

Before writing on your topic you need to search for a keyword perfectly matching your topic and have the power to rank on Google or any other search engine.

A keyword depends on Competition and Volume. If a keyword has a high volume there is a chance of higher searches. If a keyword has low competition the searches might also be lower.

So what is the keyword you need to look for? Your keyword must have a high Volume and Low Competition if you can't find one. Try looking for it through Google. You can use keyword tools online.

Don't be in hurry finding a keyword might take some time. If you can't seem to find the keyword then look for a moderate competition keyword.

Remember if a Keyword has a higher competition. You can bet your competitors by adding more words and Backlinks to your article.

Keyword Placement

After Finding a Keyword, You need to Place it in your article at some Places. It should be in Starting of Your Article, And Try to Place it every 150 words later.

More specifically you should try to add your primary keyword in starting of every Heading. And Also don't forget to add your keyword in headings. 

If your article has 10 heading at least add your primary keyword in 4 Headings. 

After Placing Keyword Throughout the article. You should add your targeted keyword in Meta Description and Your Keyword must be at the start of the Title.

Image Optimization

People Mostly Prefer to Reduce Image Dimensions to make it Perfect figure for SEO. You can use PNG, JPEG or Any other Image format. 

Add Your Image to Blog and it needs to be Optimized. Sometimes a Reader can visit through Google Images. Your images also rank Individually. 

You can rank your Image by adding your Keyword to the Image Text. SEO simply can't Detect keywords with spaces in them. You have to use Dashes Instead Of Spaces. 

Here is an example.
(This is Keyword) (This-is-keyword)

More Factors That Need to be Improved

When You are Doing Manually there are many Options in SEO that you can forget. Try to revise your article once when you have completed writing your article.

You should also add your keyword in Permalink. There is controversy on whether you should add a keyword in the permalink or not. But adding a primary keyword in your Permalink won't affect anything. 

So why hesitant when you are adding keywords in Permalink. Another thing that needs to be Improved in SEO is you should always keep your Permalink Short. 

It doesn't matter if your article title is longer than your Permalink. You should always keep your Permalink Short and Meaningful. 

Note: You can edit your Url with only Dashes instead of spaces. Example (What-is-Keyword).

Your Keyword also should be at the start of the Meta Description, and to make the Url friendlier to SEO it needs to be longer than 100 Characters and Shorter than 140 Characters. 

Using Plugins in Blogger for SEO

You don't know if your blog has any SEO error when you are going to post it. When you Optimize SEO in Mobile, There are certain Plugins in WordPress that can help users find Issues in their Blog posts related to SEO.

Unfortunately, they are certainly available in WordPress storage, and Not on Google's Blogger.

But don't you worry, there is a way to use these Plugins in Blogger. Well, not directly But you can install free hosting and domain on WordPress and Install these Plugins there. Then you should paste your content there and Optimize it to become SEO friendly.

This seems longer but it helps you. After Installing the Plugins Related to SEO. You could try Plugins Like Rank Math and Yoast as great Examples.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO works the same on mobile as on a big screen. You have to make quality Backlinks and share your content to great websites. 

But this really is difficult to do with small fingers. Imagine changing the browser tabs continuously for writing emails and submitting your posts to different platforms. 

This seems hard but if you once get used to writing your blog posts and submitting them on different sites it will make you look easy. 

Fun Fact: I am writing this post and Optimizing the site with SEO on my Mobile Device. This will help you be motivated. 

SEO Checklist; Optimize SEO in Mobile

When You Optimize SEO in Mobile. You might forget something like I mentioned before. So this will help you if you save these points in a notepad or keep them in mind.

SEO Checklist:
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content
  • Content Optimization
  • Off-Page SEO

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