Instantly Indexing Your Post with These Methods

A few Ways to Index Your New Post Faster


This is How to Instantly Index Your New posts. If you are new to the blog. You may have yet to face an indexing problem. If you already have a problem with indexing let's solve it together.

I would give you a reason and a few Ways to get your new post noticed by Google's Crawlers.


When you create a new blog. You have a lot to prepare before you could hand it to Google. When you write an article there are very less chances of it being visible to people even after a few years. 

Normally a new blogger writes a good amount of Articles and submits their blog to Google's Search Console. 

When a new blog is submitted to Search Console Google sends their crawlers to Crawl on your blog. 

And within a day or a month, your blog gets visible on Google. Slowly your posts start to index on Google. But a Website's Build also Matters

There is some blog which doesn't index for a few months because Google doesn't accept their content and don't index it. 

Google needs unique and powerful content and just for that reason, your blog might be one of those sites which Google is not indexing.

Fast Indexing: Try these Methods

There are some valid ways to make Google follow your content even if they don't like it. Here are a few Ways to force Google Crawlers to index your website.

1, Google's API to Instantly Indexing your Post

Google's API key is recently introduced to people as a Benefit. People didn't know about the use of API before and now for indexing reasons, people have an interest in What is API?

Directly Saying, API Helps you boost your post into Google's Services. It helps your post to reach some other Platforms of Google. 

Before it became common as an API Indexing tool in WordPress. News Bloggers used API for Indexing their news. 

The disadvantages of using Instant Indexing:

Recently There have been Issues with People's blogs using API. One of them is Deindexing and another one is not ranking on Google.

These issues are really dark. Imagine if your post is suddenly invisible and nowhere to be found on Google.

You could use Google's API but the aftermath will make your Blog half dead.

2, Using Google News to Instantly Index Your Post

Google News is another Platform for Google. Google news is used all over the planet to receive needs online. You could share your news, updates, educational content, etc. 

Google News works Expectedly faster.  If you have your site live on Google news. You can get your post to index within a couple of minutes. Potentially, Your 10 posts can index within an hour.

There are also requirements to be accepted into Google news Program, and That is You must share at least 1 single post every day with over 500 words in each post. 

This is Technically the faster way to index your post than any other way. Probably 10x faster than Google's API Key.

3, Ping Your Post and Share it on Social Media

If your site has a new post it also needs to be visible on some other Search Engine. Once your post is online it needs to be Visible to Google.

You can make your post visible by pinging it to other Search Engines and Social Platforms. 

You can also share your post directly on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

These social platforms are constantly crawled by Google to search for new content available.

4, Submitting Your Post Directly to Google with other Platforms

Google Questionhub is a place where you can look for questions and answer them through your blog posts. 

This is a great opportunity to look for new keywords and free traffic to your site. 

There are some disadvantages. You can use this Platform in any country other than US, India and Indonesia.

You find questions which you can answer and get the audience heading to your site. There is a submit button under every post and that can be used to submit the URL of your post.

A Message to Instantly index Your Post

Index Your Post Instantly, You can't have a shortcut way to index your post abnormally faster. You need to be patient if your blog is new and has been less than 30 days older.

You can apply these Methods I Mentioned. They will drastically help you in indexing fast but all of them have some kind of requirements needed.

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