3-Ways Guide to Speed Up Your In Any Country

This is How you can speed up your Website


speed up your Website, When you start a new blog. your blog is completely free of any virus or malware. Its health is 100%, And a website with 100% does load very fast.

As you start to upload your content on your website. You upload images, URLs, Broken Links and more heavy stuff making your website's health fall down. 

So this will be how to speed up your website in 4 Easy Ways

1, Delete Unnecessary Plugins to speed up your Website

If you are using WordPress to Publish articles. Then you surely must be using Plugins to help you write your content. 

Mostly everything has a plugin when it comes to WordPress. You can modify your SEO, Compress Your Images, and Connect Google with WordPress. You can do all that with Plugins. 

There might also be Plugins which you used in past, and some Plugins which are not very much needed. What you can do is delete those Plugins. 

These Plugins catch up extra space in your Hosting plan, and just because of that reason your hosting doesn't work well. You can remove these Plugins and get your site faster.

Once you are done removing these Plugins you need to install a new plugin?

You might think how am I talking about deleting Plugins and then saying to install again at the same time.

Well, You need to install a Plugins that removes cache. When your site has taken up extra space than normal. It doesn't work well and takes up extra space. 

To Refresh the site like you do with the refresh button on Your PC. You can do that by installing a cache clearing plugin. 

Install any plugin that can clear cache and refresh your pages to new. 

2, Compress Images Quality

speed up your Website, Every Blog post new an Image to make the post look more beautiful. Imagine a Blog Post without any image at all. The image does give a whole new life to the whole blog.

But you know that images also take quite some space. Usually, the image is around some MBs when you capture it from your phone's camera or a real camera. 

An internet downloaded image could be lighter in size than a camera. But it would still be around a few hundred KBS.

The Recommended size for a Blog faster loading image should be around 50 to 500 KBS. 

Your Blog's image collection might be higher than the mentioned size. Everypost might have an average size of 2-3 Mb Image. You need to shrink these images.

Trust me, Compressing these images will speed up your site more than you think. 

My personal Blog loading speed was around 2.6 seconds per page load, and I made it to 1.5 seconds just by Compressing images.

If you are thinking of Compressing every image, Then let me tell you about a Plugin. You can download WP-Optimize. And Coincidentally this same plugin also clears the cache. 

This Plugin Compresses the image size up to 90% and also clears the cache of all pages with one separate click.

If you hate installing extra Plugins then you can manually compress every image. It would take but will give you same result or might better result.

3, Remove unused JavaScript, CSS and Extra Flashy Fonts.

There are some extra elements in the theme when you install it manually or from the blog's default store.

Being extra these widgets and Plugins take over the loading speed of the page. If you refresh a page and notice a little. 

You will see your widgets and extra features will load later than posts.

You might also have a big size flashy colourful font on your homepage or blog page. This also become a nuisance.

You can remove these heavily loaded widgets on the layout option or do it manually by removing the JavaScript and CSS code in the theme. This was to speed up your Website.

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