The Outstanding Adventure games on Android and IOS

The Outstanding Adventure games on Android and IOS


There are a lot of android games. These game does have different genres. Some people like to play action games and some like to play other game genres.

But today like discuss and list my favourite action-Adventure games.

3, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand theft Auto San Andreas is Rockstar's one of the most successful games.

You can play the game on many platforms such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, etc.

The game has a long never-ending story. But you would definitely enjoy it.

The game was out in 2006 and is still famous. People still play the game. 

The Android version of this game was released exact 9 laters. 

The game became very popular when people started to modify in game textures. That includes transport, buildings, structures and characters.

You can install the game from Google play store. The game only costs around 2 dollars.

2, Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is an Android game which is ranking #1 in Battle Royale genre.

You could play it on IOS, Android and Android Emulator.

The game was Launched in 2017. It was released globally.

The game's popularity boosted in 2020 when the other Battle Royale game was banned in India for some reasons.

The other reason for boosting downloads in hundreds of millions was Quarantine.

People don't had anything else to do in Quarantine other than playing games and watching videos. And that became the reason for that many downloads.

Let's talk about what is inside the game and what is the reason it attracts people.

The gameplay of the game is just 15 minutes of enjoyment. You have to survive and be the last one standing there to win the game.

The game has more than 4 maps which are permanent, and these all maps have different themes and seasons. Like, Mountains, desert, green-ish and modern buildings.

There are also a bunch of guns you could choose on different categories. 

The game's modes are quite unique, some modes are just random and funny.

1, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Possibly Adventure games on mobile

Minecraft doesn't come into action genre that much but it is number 1 game when it comes to adventure.

Minecraft is neverending enjoyment. 

You could literally do hundreds of different tasks in the game. 

The game doesn't have any story in it. There are some side stories but that doesn't count into Canon.

The game does have a goal and that is to defeat the ender dragon. Which could be only done with some armour, tools and good loot.

The game was released in 2011, and the initial release date is 2009.

People also like to play mods and maps on Minecraft. You could download these maps from Minecraft's marketplace or install them manually.

The game is available on Android, IOS and Many Other platforms.

You could buy it for a few dollars from Google's play store. But the cons of it is you won't be able to update the game. 

Just for that reason you have to download the game from invalid and 3rd party sources.

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