Start a Food Blog as a Housewife or Family Man

Start a Food Blog as a Housewife or Family Man


You are someone who doesn't go out to work or feeds a family at home. But you want to be creative and do something that would make you money and give you some fame.

The food blog is a best thing to do when you know how to cook. 

Today we are going to see what you need to do and where to start?

What are the Benefits of Food Blog?

There are many benefits when you start writing on your food blogs about food. 

You are going to create many posts in future ahead. It would make you skill more antonishing, and Slowly you would get used to writing about food and how does all the blogging thing works.

The more you would gain people the more you would make fame, money and respect.

Necessary Steps to Start a Blog

Starting a Food Blog is easy and hard depending on the person using it. If you are an amateur who doesn't know anything about food then it would be tough for you.

On the other hand if you are cooking for yourself or someone else. Food blogging won't be difficult to run for you.

To start a Food blog you need a Camera, a Laptop and some food ingredients. That all you need to start. 

You are going to use a camera to capture all the stages your food will go through. If boil and egg capture an image of boiling egg and mention the information on image.

Just like this step you are going to capture every moment of your food being ready.

When the cooking is done and the food is ready to be served. Add that image in the starting to make people curiously click your blog.

Once Cooking is done. Start writing every step and Add images to it with every heading. It would make it look more professional and easy to read.

Of course the first and the last thing you need is ingredients to cook. You should definitely check your fridges and spices before you cook anything.

It won't effect Readers experience because you would still need to buy the spice you are missing and then giving in some of your time.

What Blogging Platform to Choose?

There are a few Blogging Platforms. Blogger and WordPress or mostly used. I would recommend You to choose one of them if starting a food blog.

Blogger is a Platform hosted by Google and it would be a best choice to choose. You would write add images and separate section with heading.

You would be able to write each step separately with headings add links to your other pages, decorate the pages with different layouts and themes.

WordPress would definitely be the best option to choose. Even better than blogger. 

WordPress is hosted separately but It has a lot advanced than Blogger. I am saying this because of Plugins.

You could use Plugins in WordPress. Plugins are tools that could enhance your writing experience and help you do it faster and a lot better.

There are hundred thousands or WordPress Plugins to choose. You could Optimize your SEO and Rank post. But let's not talk about it and get to the point.

You can also hundreds of food Plugins. They really help People and look beautiful in your post. If you are going to tell people about your ingredients you used in a recipe.

You could do it with stylish font and background with food related shades in it. This isn't the only Plugins there are a lot of plugins for food check them out and use them accordingly.

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