5 Best Android Games to Play if you are into rich Plots

5 Must Play Games For Android Device


5 Best android games list, There are many android games nowadays. Every individual creator can create an android game within a few days. 

The bad thing about those games is that they finish really fast. And these games don't have rich stories. 

Even some of these games have really bad character development and background. The story is sometimes too rushy or too slow. 

I will personally give my honest opinion on the games. So don't hate any game. If I didn't include any game in this list. Tell me and I will add them.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas; 5 Best Android Games

GTA series is very famous for its strong story. Grand theft auto san Andreas is one of the longest-running story games. You won't be bored playing this game at all. You have to complete more than a 100 different missions.

This game is an open-world game. you can even enjoy this game without doing any missions. this game is old but still one of the best games out there in this open-world genre.

This game costs you a bunch of dollars and then you will be able to play it for an unlimited time period.

Max Payne

This game has a very rich story. This story is about a guy in his 30s, who lost his family to some bad guys. 

Our main player goes berserk. He finds those bad guys and gets his revenge.

The story of this game is quite interesting. it will keep you attached to the game. This is a production of rockstar games. Yes, The same company who made all the GTA Episodes.

This game is available on Android, IOS, PC, Xbox and Playstation. you can get it free on each of these platforms.


Bully is another rockstar game. This game is an open-world game. This story is about a teenage boy, Who is a high schooler. The main character of this game is a bully. 

He keeps annoying other students and his teachers. This doesn't end here. He does some unbelievable crimes, you can't even imagine a high schooler doing it. 

The game was released 10 years later from the official version of PC and Other Consoles. That's the reason why it was named Bully Anniversary Edition.

You can get this game on android for approx 2$. Buy and Enjoy the game.

Six Guns

Six guns is an open-world game. this game has a cowboy theme. Our Player wakes up in the middle of a desert. 

He doesn't remember his past and goes on a journey to solve the mysteries about his past. The game genre is Fantasy, OpenWorld and Science fiction. 

Most of the time the main character has to travel with a Horse.

The game is developed by Gameloft official, and you can get it for free on Google's Play Store.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is one of the best games out there. The game is underrated, or I should say this game is yet to be found by users. This game has a unique and original story. 

The story revolves around a teenage girl. She has the ability to leap back through time. I won't spoil the story and that's the reason for you to check this game.

You could search up this game on Google. It is completely free to play.

Conclusion; 5 Best Android Games

There are a lot of games. You could play and enjoy them. But the fun won't last long. 

You need some games which could keep you attached to the story. These were some of those games. 

This was my opinion, It doesn't have to do with official rankings and I am not saying these games are better than other quality games.

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