Free Fire top up Pakistan Easypaisa Tutorial

Free Fire Top Up Pakistan EasyPaisa


Free Fire Top Up Pakistan EasyPaisa, Free Fire is Currently one of the biggest games available on Mobile. You can install it on any android and IOS. 

You could play the game on PC using an Android Emulator. 

On the other hand, if we talk about EasyPaisa. EasyPaisa is the most used mobile wallet in Pakistan. It is 1st on the list of Best Mobile Wallets by users. Coming before JazzCash.

Before we Start Heading to the Main Tutorial of the Article let's cover what is EasyPaisa and Free Fire, and what they are both used for.

What is Free Fire and Its Influence Among Young People?

Free Fire is mostly Played by Teens and Youngsters. This is the most downloaded game and has the award of the best mobile game of 2020-2021.

The game grew quite Larger in Quarantine 2020. Millions of players signed in to the game. 

The game has not yet lost its popularity. But slowly its time is coming to an end soon.

The game became popular just because of its tiny size. The other games compared to this were massive around the time of its popularity. 

The game is under 1 GB and Could Run into 1GB ram on android phones.

A year ago the Garena Free Fire Separated Pakistan from Singapore Server And Created Its own new Server.

The new server Brings new offers and Services, just like this the official website for Topup was Established. 

You could use that website to buy Diamonds Via EasyPaisa, JazzCash, Etc.

EasyPaisa and Its Fine Services.

EasyPaisa is the oldest Mobile Wallet in Pakistan. It was the first one to be out there. 

You could Use EasyPaisa to Buy Mobile Bundles, Mobile balances, Pay for Tickets, Donate Money, and Pay All sorts of Bills Including Electricity, Gas, Study, and Grocery Bills.

You could also use EasyPaisa to transfer and receive money in Pakistan.

Free Fire Top Up EasyPaisa Pakistan Method

Let's Start and Cover The Easiest Payment Method and Buy Diamonds.

Method No.1

  • Add Money into Your Mobile Wallet, You could head to a Franchise, Retail or Add money from your Bank Account
  • Go to Garena's Official Top Up Website
  • Log in to your account with either Facebook or UID
  • Select the Diamonds Bundle or Choose the Weekly or Monthly Membership 
  • Choose the Payment Method and Select EasyPaisa.
  • Click on Proceed to pay and The Required amount would be charged with taxes.

Method No.2 Top Up through Daraz (Unofficial)
  • You should Open EasyPaisa App and Go to Top Up Sections.
  • Select the Daraz Icon
  • Choose the Amount 
  • Pay for it
  • Open your Daraz App/Website
  • Select any seller selling the Diamond Pack and Pay for it
  • The amount would be delivered depending on the seller.
  • Choose a Seller with Good Rating.
This is a bit risky. Because your amount would be deducted and you won't be given a penny. You should Go for method one. 

If for any reason you can't choose the first method. You can choose the 2nd one but always pick the high rated sellers.

EasyPaisa Current Prices List For Diamonds and Membership on Free Fire.

  1. 17 Diamonds in 20 Rupees
  2. 45 Diamonds in 50 Rupees
  3. 100 Diamonds in 100 Rupees
  4. 210 Diamonds in 200 Rupees
  5. 530 Diamonds in 500 Rupees
  6. 1080 Diamonds in 1000 Rupees
  7. 2190 Diamonds in 2000 Rupees
  8. 5500 Diamonds in 5000 Rupees
  9. 11000 Diamonds in 10000 Rupees
  10. 22000 Diamonds in 20000 Rupees
  11. Elite Pass Card in 400 Rupees
  12. Weekly Membership in 270 Rupees
  13. Monthly Membership 1000 Rupees
  14. Level Up Pass 390 Rupees
The Prices are Relevant. If you buy any of these offers in Game You won't be able to get it for this Lower.

Also, EasyPaisa is not a payment method in Google Play Store. You won't be able to purchase anything from Google with EasyPaisa. That includes Game Diamonds.

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