Start a Travel Blog as an Introvert

Start a Travel Blog as an Introvert


When you think about travel blogs. It seems quite tough and does take up a lot of time for a person. 

Travel Bloggers have to spend hours to reach a Destination, Visit a tourist place and then come back. It would probably be a week or a month in short.

Then a Travel Blogger has to write about his travel experience, what he visited and was it really worth his time or experience.

Let's hope for how you could become a Travel Blogger. Even if you are leaving your home after years.

Communication to Start A Travel Blog

Communication is what brings you to your destination. Google isn't always there to help you find your destination. 

Sometimes you are in deserts, forests and out of range places. You have to ask people and reach the place.

If you want to be good at Communication there are many ways to do it. 

Start off with doing little tasks right now. Go buy something for yourself and come back. Then we are going further ahead on what to do next.

Now you have not yet become someone who could laugh or cry in front of the crowd. You have to keep doing these little tasks. 

If you are a high school or a university student. Then you should be attending school events and classes. That would help you in Communication.

You will be talking with friends and teachers.

Slowly in a month, you would start to find a little difference in your current self and past.

You won't quickly be able to speak with any stranger. You have to grow little by little.

Now that you are starting to be good at Communication. Let's discuss the real conditions and needs to become a Travel Blogger.


Going wild without a plan is an Idiotic act. You can't become Travel Blogger without any planning for time.

As a new person, you should choose a place somewhere close. It should be around a few miles away from your home. 

Try going there and focusing on what are you seeing there, and what else could you tell people that aren't available on the internet. 

If you become a little confident. Start planning to go further away, and point out some places where you could possibly go.

If you don't feel like going to a place. Don't make yourself uncomfortable.

Stuff Required to Start a Travel Blog

There are some things which you really need for blogging. Here is the list of them and the reason why are they needed.
  • Camera
  • Bag for Luggage, apparel and Towel
  • Personal Documents, Financial Cards and Money (ID Card, Passport, Credit Card, etc)
  • A Laptop/Computer/Mobile to Write
  • Health Kit Includes Tables, Bandages and other Medicines
  • Some Electronic Appliances(Phone Chargers, Laptop, Flashlight)
These are all the items you should bring when going out to travel.


A camera is always needed in Travel blogs. The purpose of using the Camera is to capture the images and show them in your blog.

Adding an Image to your blog would make your posts beautiful and give users an idea about what happened there and they would imagine you in there.

Try to capture every single moment you could with your Camera.

You can also create web stories that would help users to know more about the destination and their experience.

Bags with Clothes, Towels, Swimsuits, winter clothing

Travelling without Clothes is like going on a hunt without a gun.

You can't wear a single Clothing for weeks or maybe months, and you might not be financially well to buy a bunch of clothes at a time.

You must choose some of your good clothes and then head out.

You should also bring some towels, Swimsuit and Heavy Clothing for extreme cold weather depending on your destined place.

They won't be used much but they would help you when the situation gets worse.

Personal Documents, Financial cards and Money

If you forget Your Passport, I'd Card, Driving License and Other documents. You might not be welcomed to your destination.

You must bring these documents when travelling. 

Also don't forget to bring your credit card, Debit card, Master card or any Financial card you have.

You can't go out without bringing money.

Device for Writing

If you are going to write about what you visited and where you visited it.

You need a device to write about it and publish it online.

You could use your laptop to write and if you don't have a laptop buy a new one.

If you are not financially good or for some reason you don't want to use it. Then you could write the same on Mobile.

Health Kit and Safety Tools

If you are not careful then an injury could be caused. Don't jump around some random places and think you would be safe.

You should always bring some bandages and medicine to keep you safe from injury. 

A fever could also be caused because of different seasons.

Also, have some extra medicines to help some people in the future.

Electronic Appliances

Electronic Appliances such as charger, Flashlight, Extra Battery for Camera, A phone's Powerbank, etc.

These tools should also be in your bag. You might not know when they are needed. If possible bring tools like mini microwaves, fridges or freezers.

These tools are really needed when you go out. 

Conclusion to start a travel blog.

Starting a Travel Blog Won't be an easy task. Do your work slowly and experience yourself to write better.

Writing about a thing or two won't help you gain experience. Keep working hard and do better every day.

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